Bologna process

Bologna process

If you are thinking about joining a university in Europe, you will eventually see, that the Bologna Process is very useful but quite complicated and because of that it is hard to understand. With the following text we would like to provide a short description about how things work:

Mainly, the Bologna process was built out to make the action of studying abroad easier. Not only does it define the different categories of studies, but it also guarantees a certain quality by prescribing the study material and the time periods.

What are the reforms of the Bologna Process about?

  • Easily readable and comparitable degrees: a qualifications framework of the three cycles 
    (Bachelor degree-Masters degree-PhD)
  • Joint degrees:cross boarder study programmes
  • Mobility of staff, students and elements
  • Recognition of qualifications: makes it possible for learners to use their qualifications in another education system or country without losing the full value of those qualifications
  • Quality assurance: ensures that institutions, programmes and qualifications meet specified standards of education, scholarship and infrastructure
  • The social dimension of equal opportunities: fostering social cohesion and maximising the potential of individuals in terms of their personal development
  • Employability: the ability to gain initial employment, to maintain employment, and to be able to move around within the labour market
  • Lifelong learning: widening access to higher education
  • European higher education in a global context: has prompted discussion between European andinternational partners on a range of policy issues.