TRC courses

TRC courses

Duna International College, Budapest
a new TRC Center

Duna International College made a step forward and became a TRC Center! This means, from now on, new options will open up for our applicants! Not only can you apply for our preparatory courses we had until now, but also for the courses, that are built according to the TRC curriculum.

Let us introduce TRC Colleges:

What is TRC?

We are a chain of franchised centers around the world, which run preparatory courses for students, who wish to study abroad and wish to ensure their acceptation to a trustworthy university.

One of our main focuses is internationality: we have students from all part of the world and thanks to our numerous TRC centers and partner universities offer them the opportunity to learn about different cultures and nations, depending on where they would like to go.

How does TRC work?

If one has completed its secondary school studies, one can be accepted to a TRC Foundation Program. These programs offer diverse subject, depending on what the student would like to study and what the acceptation curriculum is at the chosen university.

The subject the applicants may choose from: Accounting, Biology, Business studies, Chemistry, Economics, Further mathematics, Government & Politics, Law, Physics, Psychology, Sociology

100% success!

Once the student at TRC has successfully completed all requirements in the Foundation course or the pre-Master course, we GUARANTEE them their entry to one of our partner universities.

What types of courses does TRC offer?

  • University Foundation Programs
  • Pre-Masters Preparation Program with IELTS
  • General English, IELTS & Vacation

University Foundation Program

As Duna International College has done previously as well, TRC colleges offer students the help, which may be needed for many students when it comes to applying to a university. It can be very challenging to get into a good university, not mentioning the problems that may come up when a student doesn’t have the proper knowledge-foundation needed to succeed later on. The TRC courses are the solution to these issues!


Through this program TRC Colleges offer:

  • College University Status
  • A quality assured university overseen program
  • Flexible entry dates
  • Value for money
  • The highest level of personal care and support

The Foundation courses help students score an IELTS 6.0 or higher plus there is a core study plan, which provides:

  • Research skills
  • Study skills
  • IT knowledge
  • Core Mathematics

Students who apply to this course choose three modules according to their chosen university and pathway and its curriculum. For example:
For an Engineering diploma: Math, Physics and one other
For a Business diploma: Accounting, Economics and one other
This system gives the student the freedom of choosing the subject the student wants but still provides the knowledge needed for the university entry!

TRC Colleges realize, that monitorization and feedbacks are a key ingredient to a successful learning. That is why we offer continuous, critically marked class and work test, which provide an objective evaluation of the students’ progress and work.

Pre Masters Preparation Course

There are many students who have the qualification to enter a Master degree course but don’t have the appropriate English level or they are missing essential study skills for post graduate programs or research degrees. TRC offers a solution!

If an applicant wishes to go abroad for postgraduate studies, we offer them Pre-master programs.
To these courses a completed BSc is mandatory. Every student gets an individual study plan to cover all needs.


Essential skills to be covered for these students:

  • IELTS to gain 7.0
  • Research skills
  • Report formulation and dissertation writing techniques
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Interview techniques

How long are the courses at TRC?

Depending on the applicant’s English level, the length of the courses defers:


University Foundation Course:

  • 3 term standard programme = IELTS 4.5 or equivalent for entry (30 weeks)
  • 2 term Intensive programme = IELTS 5.5 or equivalent entry (20 weeks)
  • 4 term Extended Programme = IELTS 4.0 or equivalent for entry (40 weeks)

Students lower than IELTS 4.0 or equivalent will need to study general English first at TRC Colleges


Pre Masters Preparation:

  • 1 term =IELTS 6.5 or equivalent (10-12 weeks)
  • 2 terms = IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (20-24 weeks)
  • 3 terms = IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (30.36 weeks)

Students lower than IELTS equivalent 5.5 should join a general English and IELTS programme at TRC Colleges before joining a PRE Masters Preparation Programme.

Usually there are 35 hours of intensive studying per week at a TRC College. These usually contain 20 hours of tuition and 15 hours of guided studying, depending on the TRC Centre.


General English, IELTS & Vacation

These courses are for those, who wish to improve their English knowledge and would like to enjoy themselves at the same time!

Our General English courses are available all year round, we have a new intake every 10-12 weeks. Each student is tested at arrival and taught according to their level. The progress is reviewed weekly and teaching material is adjusted according to progress. Our experience is, that it takes about 10-12 weeks for a student to gain 0.5 of IELTS points

For those students, who are still in school or are studying at a TRC University, we offer the opportunity to learn English while having a vacation as well. These courses are held in the UK. The students may stay at the university hostels, use all the facilities of the TRC Centre and the surrounding area. The 2 week vacations are made colourful by having tours and activities in the afternoon and entertainment in the evening, but of course, the morning lessons are taken very seriously as well.

Our partner universities

In the US and Canada:

  • Abilene Christian University (Advertising, Engineering, Management, etc.)
  • Husson University
  • Mercy College
  • Saginaw Valley State University (Accounting, Economics, Management, etc.)
  • Pittsburgh Technical Institute (Marketing, Medical Assisting, Information Technology, etc.)
  • National American University (Accounting, Business Administration, Healthcare Management, etc.)
  • Texas Wesleyan University (Business Administration, Natural and Social Sciences, Education, etc.)
  • Tennessee Technological University

Universities Worldwide:

  • University College of the Caribbean
  • Kursk State Medical University

When can I apply?

TRC Colleges are student oriented in this aspect as well. The TRC program is a RoRo program (Roll on-Roll off) and this way the students can start every 10-12 weeks depending on the center.

The main entry points are designed to meet up with the university entry dates. They are the following: September-January-April-June.