Admissions Advisers & Disclaimers

Admissions Advisers & Disclaimers

(DIC stands for Duna International College)

  1. DIC collaborates with esteemed and trustworthy Admission Advisers (not agents!) in different countries. Admission Advisers only deal with the consultations about study at DIC and assist our students in their application process. DIC fees are only those inserted in the letter of acceptance which is issued for admitted students. DIC will not ask for any other fee rather than them. Any other cost like administrative-office fees of the esteemed Admission Advisers for their services are not related to DIC at all and consequently will be out of our responsibilities. DIC fees and our refund policy are available on our Tuition fee page.

Admission Advisers are in:

  1. DIC will not undertake any commitment for the malfunctions and disservices of Admission Advisers.
  2. All accepted students must read their Letter of acceptances carefully.All terms and conditions inserted in the letter of acceptance are effective and no excuse for that will be approved.
  3. Our hotels and helpers are quite independent of DIC and the College acts only as a mediator between the students and them.
  4. Expired agency contracts - agreements do not bear any legal / non-legal value. 
  5. Admission Status of the applicants can be checked at: Application Status Check 


Our agent in Asia and Africa: 

  • International Development and Manufacturing Experts Group - IDMEG
    Represented by Prof.Dr.Mr. Ashraf Elsayed Mohamed
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important notice to Nepali, Pakistani & Indian Applicants:

This is to announce that Duna International College does not have any collaboration with any agency or recruitment institute in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

No agency in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India is allowed to represent DIC or claiming to be its agent/representative.

Duna International College has completely terminated its collaboration with the Following Institutes as well:

  • Destination Overseas
  • Kyaria Saki Overseas Education
  • E4education Recruitment Ltd.
  • VMD Consultants
  • Education of Excellence
  • Studylinker Student Consultancy (SCC) in Pakistan