Business and Humanities - Economic & Business studies in Hungary:

As anyone can notice, our everydays are more and more influenced by the effects of globalization and the growing importance of the financial world. As such, many students decide to study Economics to be able to understand the happenings around them and to build a career of their own in this field.

With not only one university, that is internationally highly recognized, Hungary offers a great environment for students who prefer to study finance, management etc. on a higher level.



By applying to Duna International Colleges Pre-economics course, the students receive the basic knowledge of business. The subjects and the lessons in Pre-engineering course are:

  • Mathematics
  • Management and Marketing
  • IT
  • General English
  • Business English

which are required at the application to Higher Education Institutes in Hungary and to succeed in understanding the background of our daily actions (for example from shopping to having mortgages).

Appropriate for applicants to:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Language studies
  • Tourism

In order to apply for this program, please click here.